Princess of The Woods

What you will find in the “Princess of the Woods” wooden chalet:

“Princess of the Woods” is a luxurious artist-designed wooden chalet, with private parking and a private entrance, located in a quiet and solitary corner surrounded with magical, natural Galilee vegetation and equipped with many treats: a large double bed with quality orthopedic mattress, large couple’s Jacuzzi surrounded by windows that overlook the view, a wooden fireplace, LCD television on a movable arm adjustable for viewing from the lounge or bed, a private balcony overlooking views of the Galilee and the forest, a kitchenette equipped with an abundance of goodies – a bottle of wine, tea and coffee, an espresso machine, and also dressing gowns, spa slippers, soaps, bubble bath and more…

As soon as you park your car in the Princess of the Woods private car park you will begin to feel the uniqueness of this luxurious chalet. From the first moment you step onto the stone-paved path leading up to this special wooden cabin, you begin to realize that you have reached your intended destination. The stone pathway, surrounded by beautiful green flora, leads you to the stone stairway going up to a gaping opening in a green thicket. And then, suddenly, from between the trees, the wonder awaits you. Your breath is taken away, and there, in all its glory, is the “Princess of The Woods”! A fantastic wooden chalet, resting regally in the heart of natural vegetation, surrounded by greenery, providing complete privacy within a green kingdom all of its own. A nature reserve envelopes all sides with an abundance of natural Galilean vegetation and a forest of pine trees all around protects the privacy of the Princess. This is a romantic chalet , in all senses of the word.

As soon as the chalet door opens, begins the wonderful journey of discovering the magnificent secrets of this wooden chalet, “Princess of the Woods”…
This wooden chalet is a luxury zimmer, designed and built by an artist. The “Princess of the Woods” never ceases to surprise, never ceases to excite… From the entrance, the eye beholds the architectural design of this special wooden chalet. A high, spectacular wooden arch spreads along the entire breadth of the cabin with a high, wooden ceiling behind it, providing you with a feeling of space and beauty. The chalet is covered with just the right amount of wood. From the first impression, the chalet radiates a domestic, pleasant warmth, provided by the warm colors of the wood. Lavender colored beams spread like purple sun-rays from the center of the cabin to its six corners. The windows provide your first meeting with the breathtaking view seen from the cabin everywhere. From one window you can see the forest of tall pine trees with treetops rising to the heavens, prancing in the soft, gentle breeze outside. From the second window, one can see the breathtaking views of the Galilee hills and all their outstanding colors. Now you turn to see the attractively designed kitchen. A low wall separates it from the central space of the wooden cabin, partially hiding the view, giving you a feeling of curiosity, the desire to see more of the secrets of this wooden chalet, this luxury zimmer “Princess of the Woods”.

The kitchen is accessorized meticulously, with the intention of pampering you and fulfilling all your needs while you stay. A bottle of wine awaits you, and also cookies, bottled water, and an abundance of goodies.
Another step, and one more, and here in front of you, the central area of this wondrous wooden cabin is exposed. In front of you, in all its glory, in a romantic niche, stands a huge double Jacuzzi surrounded on all sides by windows facing the view. You can already picture it: the two of you in the trickling water, the spectacular view of the forest and the Galilee, all around you hear the quiet and the birds chirping, and the two of you in the warm water…the Galilee dream materialized…
The Jacuzzi is equipped with soaps, bubble bath, candles and flowers. At the foot of the Jacuzzi, on the soft carpet, soft and comfortable spa slippers await you. This chalet is truly romantic! You begin to feel enwrapped in a special, romantic feeling… on your right is a two-seater sofa with luxurious cushions and above this, on an adjustable arm, is an LCD television with cable TV, a DVD system and a movie library with choice movies for your enjoyment. In the background, softly simmering and adding to the special surroundings as is expected in a luxury zimmer, a log fire warms the cabin providing a romantic ambience. To its left is a wooden table, placed under a window facing the nature reserve. This table was built especially to pamper the ladies as a make-up table and here you can browse through the countless recommendations and tips we have gathered for you regarding the plentiful attractions and past times in Amirim and the Galilee.

And here you look to the right and your eye meets the center of the internal area of the wooden cabin, “Princess of the Woods”: In a romantic and intimate niche is a large double bed, built of natural wood, fitted with a high quality orthopedic mattress and covered with high quality cotton or satin sheets. Above this is a high wall in deep purple, the color of good red wine, adding a mysterious and romantic quality to the design of the wood cabin. The wall is decorated with unique ornaments that complement the mischievous appearance, giving the entire cabin a regal look. To the right of the bed is the large and spacious bathroom. To the left, at the foot of the bed, is a designed wash basin on a natural stone surface. Above this is a large window looking out over the treetops. In the wooden wardrobe, hand built especially for the “Princess of the Woods”, soft and fluffy dressing gowns are waiting for your use.

And now it is time for a break and to fill your lungs with the intoxicating Galilean air. You make yourself a cup of herbal tea, from the herbs that have been picked for you in the garden, add a few cookies that have been waiting for you in the kitchen and step through the wooden door of the covered veranda, adjoining the chalet. Next to the designed stone mosaic table, you put your feet up, take a sip of the delicious tea and enjoy looking at the blazing sun as it sets across the horizon, painting the sky a deep purple…
This is the “Princess of the Woods”, a luxurious wooden cabin in Dream Time, Zimmers in Amirim. Like the rest of the zimmers at Dream Time, this zimmer’s name was chosen thoughtfully and in two words expresses the character and uniqueness of this wondrous wooden cabin. Here, with the rich breakfasts served to you in the zimmer, and quality spa treatments that we provide you with as our guests at Dream Time, you will have a pleasurable and exciting vacation that you will not forget in a hurry…

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